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1-2-1/Group Coaching and Rehearsal Support

Mobile Phone

Rehearsal Support - Initial Coaching

I can work with the whole cast (assuming they are all doing the same accent) in the first week of rehearsals. We will work through vowel, consonant placement and the tune and intonation of the accent.  I will provide recordings for us all to listen to in this session, which I can then email to the SM/DSM afterwards. This session ensures all the actors are working from the same template moving forward.

(If there are a few different accents then we can set up individual sessions.  If 1-2-1s are more useful at this stage, then it is possible for this to be delivered via Skype.)

I would then come back in week 3/4 to either note some scenes in rehearsal or take actors for individual script sessions ensuring the accent is accurate and believable.

The ideal is that the actors are 100% confident in the accent before run-throughs begin.

Later Stages


I would then watch a run-through and offer some notes/feedback.  This can either be delivered in the room or I can send via email later.  I will be totally led by the director on this as am always aware of how precious time is.  I would usually be happy to leave the actors at this stage but if the director would prefer to have me at dress rehearsal stages too, then that can be discussed.


Coaching rates for Theatre


Rates include my research and preparation, recorded samples of native speakers, all written material and customized coaching with the actors at the theatre/rehearsal venue..

I will provide recordings of specific lines where necessary.

Please get in touch for a specific quote for your project.  

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