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"I need an accent coach QUICK!"

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The Accent-Check-Up


Accent Check-up is for actors who would just like a quick check-up on an accent as opposed to a full lesson.


This has proved very useful for actors who have an audition or perhaps already booked the job and are working in an accent that they already have a pretty good grasp of, but would just like an accent coach to check it's still up to scratch.


A little bit about how it works


  • Get in touch to let me know what the accent is, how many sides of script and when you need the feedback.

  • I'll get back to you confirming if I can get the check-up done in the time-frame you need.

  • Book the accent check-up.

  • Record a short clip speaking your lines and email over via MP3 recording or whatsapp and email the script/text over.

  • I will get back to you with a recorded 3 - 5 minute mini feedback, giving notes, examples of correct pronunciation where necessary for you to listen to as many times as you need.

  •  Or if you prefer I can record all the sides/script and send over to you


My aim is to get back to you with the completed feedback and recorded lines within 24 hours but do check availability first.  Depending on how busy I am at the time I can sometimes get back to you with the feedback/recording within the hour!

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