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1-2-1 Coaching, On Set/Location and ADR

Mobile Phone

1-2-1 Sessions


I can work with the actors prior to shooting.  This can be done via Skype or in person.  I would usually suggest around 3-5 sessions of 1-2-1 coaching per actor. Sessions are normally 1 hour but I have worked with actors for 2 hour sessions in the past (depending on how much support they need and how much dialogue they have).

I'll get them comfortable and confident in the new accent so they don't need to think about it and can focus on the character and the acting.

The ideal is that the actors are 100% confident in the accent before arriving on set.

On Set Coaching


I can visit your production for just a few days, or be on set for the duration of your project and continue to be available for coaching by phone or Skype.


I can also be available for ADR sessions should that be required.

On-set/location rates for Film and TV

Rates include my research and preparation, recorded samples of native speakers, all written material and customized coaching with the actors at your location.

I will provide recordings of specific lines where necessary.

Please get in touch for a specific quote for your project.  

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