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The accents covered


I am asked about various accents all the time from actors. Too many to list them all!  Please don't worry if you think it's too specific an accent or too obscure. The chances are I will have taught it before and if not I can spend time working it out for you and will be honest and clear on the time I'd need to prepare the accent for you.


A little bit about how the sessions work

Most sessions are taught via skype.  However, do email me if you're unsure about skype as I do have some availability for face-to-face sessions in Manchester, England.

  • Drop me an email and let me know the accent you need and if there is a time frame eg is it for a play that opens in 3 weeks? An audition tomorrow? Has your agent asked you to work on your Standard American accent?

  • I'll give you some advice on how to progress, my current availability and prices.

  • If you decide to go ahead, I will book you in and send you payment details, Skype info and various worksheets for you to print

The lessons will all be specifically tailored to your needs, working on consonant and vowel placement, tune and intonation with text work. We will use your script or I can send over various scripts.

Lessons are usually 1 hour and I will send over recordings of the worksheets and scripts after each session.

I work in the industry so understand actors needs. I know how important it is and will get you to the place you need to be.

I also have a number of regular clients who use lessons to continue training in various accents and text work.

It's so important that actors are expanding their CV’s and adding more skills to their actors tool kit. 

Perhaps you're worried about your Stanadrad American or RP;  have a self-tape due in that asks for a Nottingham accent or have a casting next week that requires a West Virginia accent.

Or maybe you have the job and have now started panicking that your Geordie isn't as good as all the native Geordies on set!

Maybe you're feeling pretty good about starting rehearsals but would just like a session with a dialect coach to ensure you're being totally accurate with your Snowdonia accent.

Or... perhaps you've just always wanted to learn a County Donegal accent!

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